SiC Microscope Observation system SCM-100



As next generation power semiconductors, GaN and SiC are attracting attention for reducing power loss by a half and weight. There are stacking faults as a problem of SiC power devices. In order to solve this problem, the SCM-100 has been designed to quickly observe and sort it.

The SCM-100 has the function of applying the pre – programmed current to the built – in diode of the SiC sample transistor. The part where current does not flow at the time of applying current (defect) does not emit (or weak), so it can be shot with the camera attached to the microscope and the defect can be found. The surface of the SiC sample is enlarged with a microscope and the emission of the visible region can be monitored by the camera to observe the growth or contraction of the defect in situ. The images can be shot at optimal intervals and saved. The optional Peltier cooling unit keeps the temperature of the sample table of the SiC device below 80 ° C


  • The microscope image of SiC sample is shot with camera and output to LCD on real time
  • Maximum number of 999 shots can be saved on SD card with shooting interval 3 seconds to 24 hours
  • Output voltage, output current, status information can be sampled up to the fastest 0.1 second
  • Up to five power supplies can be controlled with one PC, data can be saved.
  • When outputting to about 17 inches LCD, the observation magnification is about 60 times to about 200 times
  • In-situ observation of defect growth of the SiC samples


  • SiC device, wafer


Product application example

*Up to five power supplies can be managed with one PC and simultaneous start is also possible. Vmeas (V) and Imeas can be displayed (A) in real time. Results are saved in Excel.

Photo of SiC defect part (using comb-like electrode)

Cooling water circulation device CCA-1112 (Option)



Specifications   SCM-100 *The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Movable stage40X40mm
XY movable range±6.5mm
Observation magnificationAbout 60 to about 200 times variable on 16 inch LCD
CameraEquivalent to PENTAX Q-S1 (Interval shooting available, C mount, with AC cable )
LensCanon Zoom lens EF-S55-250mm F4-5.6 IS II
Control and data processingPC(LAN, USB terminals available)/OS:Windows®7/8
Sample cooling device (option)Cooling water circulation device EYELA CCA-1112
Peltier temperature controller VTH-3500
DC stabilized power supplyTEXIO PSW360L30Y1 Max.voltage30V, Max. current 36A
Sequence creationCSV format, read in USB
Logging functionOutput voltage ,output current and status information can be saved in memory
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